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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Transform healthcare data management with TalkToTreat's advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This comprehensive solution captures every aspect of a patient's health journey, including details, conditions, allergies, medications, and surgeries, meticulously organized for easy access. The result is a platform that promotes collaborative and well-informed care among healthcare providers, ensuring a seamless exchange of information and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Personal Health Records

Empower yourself with our Personal Health Records feature, a secure and accessible platform enabling individuals to take charge of their well-being. With centralized access, it facilitates seamless management and tracking of health information, promoting proactive health management and informed decision-making. Whether monitoring medical history, prescriptions, or appointments, this feature ensures comprehensive control over one's health journey.


Simplify and expedite the prescription process with TalkToTreat's intuitive E-Prescription feature. Benefit from intelligent prescription recommendations, secure sharing via the patient portal, and customizable prescriptions reflecting your clinic's branding. Effortlessly track and search prescriptions to optimize prescription management for healthcare providers. With streamlined processes and enhanced customization options, TalkToTreat's E-Prescription feature ensures efficient and personalized prescription management.

Uploading Prescriptions

TalkToTreat seamlessly links medical images and scans directly to individual patient records, accommodating diverse file formats like DICOM images. Patients securely access reports through the patient portal or our iOS/Android patient mobile app, promoting transparency and active involvement in their healthcare journey. By enabling easy retrieval of medical data, TalkToTreat enhances patient engagement and facilitates informed decision-making between patients and healthcare providers.

Share Health Records and Prescriptions

Facilitate collaborative care effortlessly by sharing health records and prescriptions through our platform. We ensure vital healthcare information is accessible to both patients and healthcare providers, fostering a connected and informed approach to healthcare delivery. By enabling seamless sharing of data, our platform enhances communication, coordination, and ultimately, the quality of care provided to patients across the healthcare continuum.

Appointment Scheduling

Simplify the intricacies of appointment management with our innovative Appointment Scheduling feature. This user-friendly functionality empowers patients to effortlessly schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments, thereby streamlining clinic operations and enhancing the overall patient experience. This intuitive system not only facilitates seamless interaction but also optimizes the efficiency of healthcare providers.

Online Booking and Secure Payments

Facilitate smooth online appointment bookings and payments through the TalkToTreat Virtual Practice. Establish service prices, ensuring a straightforward payment process for patients during appointment booking. The integrated solution enables patients to schedule appointments effortlessly via the web patient portal or the iOS/Android patient mobile apps, streamlining online appointment management.

Remote Monitoring

Embrace the forefront of healthcare innovation with our Remote Monitoring feature. This cutting-edge capability enables the remote tracking of vital health metrics, empowering healthcare providers to design personalized care plans and intervene timely. By monitoring patients' health metrics remotely, healthcare professionals can offer proactive and tailored interventions, enhancing patient outcomes and fostering a deeper level of engagement in their healthcare journey.

Medical Billing and Revenue Management

Maximize your financial health with TalkToTreat's advanced Medical Billing and Revenue Management tools. Streamline billing processes, establish pricing structures, and effortlessly track revenues. Empower your clinic with precise financial insights for sustainable growth. Patients benefit from seamless access to their invoices via the secure patient portal and mobile app, enhancing transparency and convenience in managing healthcare expenses.

Medical Practice App

Empower healthcare providers with our dedicated Medical Practice App, designed to streamline operations and connectivity within medical practices. From appointment management to accessing patient records, our app centralizes key functionalities for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Medical Practice App ensures that providers can focus more on delivering quality care to their patients while optimizing practice workflows.

Mobile Apps for Patients

Our Mobile Apps are crafted for seamless patient engagement, prioritizing convenience. Featuring a user-friendly interface, these apps offer easy access to health information, appointment bookings, and direct communication with healthcare providers. By facilitating personalized and integrated healthcare experiences tailored to individual needs, our apps empower patients to take control of their well-being effortlessly. Enjoy ultimate convenience and stay connected.

Patient Engagement and Notifications

With our Patient Engagement and Notifications feature, cultivate proactive healthcare engagement effortlessly. Tailored alerts and notifications ensure patients stay informed about upcoming appointments, health updates, and curated wellness content. This personalized approach nurtures an ongoing connection between healthcare providers and patients, fostering enhanced engagement and satisfaction. By keeping patients well-informed and involved in their healthcare journey.

Health Blog

Our Health Blog serves as an invaluable resource, offering a plethora of health-related content to keep you informed and inspired. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, the blog promotes education, awareness, and healthy lifestyle choices. Explore a diverse range of informative articles that empower individuals on their journey to well-being, providing insights and guidance for making informed decisions about their health.

Advanced Reporting Insights

TalkToTreat offers robust reporting capabilities that enable healthcare providers to uncover valuable business insights. By tracking metrics such as patient registrations, medical billing, revenue, and online video consultations, the platform facilitates data-driven decision-making for optimal clinic performance. These comprehensive reports empower healthcare professionals to identify trends, assess clinic efficiency, and make informed decisions to enhance patient care and streamline operations effectively.

Multilingual Patient Support

TalkToTreat's patient applications prioritize personalized and inclusive healthcare experiences by offering support for multiple languages, such as English, Khmer, and beyond. The platform's marketing website employs intuitive location detection to automatically set the language based on the patient's location. This dynamic feature enhances accessibility and communication, ensuring that patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds can navigate the platform.

Cost-Effective SAAS Solution

Discover the advantages of TalkToTreat's SAAS-based practice management solution, which guarantees continuous updates and maintenance, providing access to new features without additional charges. Tailored pricing plans accommodate the needs of solo practitioners and large healthcare enterprises alike. With a risk-free 14-day trial, starting in minutes without requiring a credit card, healthcare professionals can explore the platform's capabilities.

Streamlined Pharmacy Order Processing

TalkToTreat's Pharmacy Order Support enhances communication between healthcare providers and pharmacies, streamlining prescription fulfillment for improved efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety in medication management. By optimizing communication channels, the feature ensures seamless coordination, reducing errors and delays in prescription processing. This promotes smoother workflows, allowing healthcare teams to prioritize patient care while facilitating accurate medication delivery.

Efficient Diagnostic Lab Coordination

TalkToTreat's Diagnostic Lab Support feature aims to enhance diagnostic workflows by streamlining communication and coordination between healthcare providers and diagnostic labs. The primary goal is to ensure timely and accurate results for patients undergoing medical testing.This feature leverages advanced technology and collaborative healthcare solutions to facilitate seamless interaction between healthcare professionals and diagnostic laboratories.


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