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Reporting and Monitoring


After completing treatment, staying on track with your health journey is simple with our platform. We streamline post-treatment follow-ups, making it easy to schedule and conduct consultations seamlessly. Healthcare providers use this feature to monitor progress, address concerns, and ensure each patient achieves optimal recovery with minimal hassle. It's all about ensuring you receive the support and care you need every step of the way. 

Post-Treatment Consultations

To provide ongoing support post-treatment, we offer virtual consultations through our platform. Healthcare professionals address patient queries, discuss recovery strategies, and provide guidance tailored to individual needs. Our platform fosters personalized care, ensuring patients receive the necessary assistance and support beyond their treatment sessions. It's about empowering patients to navigate their post-treatment journey with confidence and clarity. 

Prescription Management

With TalktoTreat, managing post-treatment prescriptions becomes hassle-free. Our platform allows easy access to prescription details, enabling adjustments as needed to ensure patients receive accurate medication instructions for a smooth recovery. Simplifying medication management, TalktoTreat enhances adherence and contributes to improved patient outcomes. It's all about streamlining the process for better healthcare experiences and outcomes.

Health Examination Reminders

With TalktoTreat, you'll never miss a health check-up thanks to automated reminders. Our platform ensures patients stay on track with regular examinations, promoting preventive care and early detection of potential health issues. By enhancing the patient's experience and prioritizing their well-being, TalktoTreat provides timely reminders for health assessments, empowering patients to take proactive steps toward better health outcomes.

Updates on Future Treatments

Ensuring patients are informed and prepared for upcoming treatments or procedures is paramount. Our platform enables healthcare providers to share comprehensive details about future treatments, empowering patients to stay engaged and informed throughout their healthcare journey. By fostering connectivity and providing continuity of care, our platform contributes to improved patient outcomes, ensuring each patient feels supported.


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