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Patient Experience Like No Other With
TalkToTreat Mobile App

Register and Utilize with TalktoTreat

Embark on a journey of seamless patient care with the TalktoTreat app! Upon registration, patients enjoy a hassle-free experience as they navigate the app using the same credentials. This unified login provides easy access to all Virtual Practice services from any location, ensuring convenience and continuity of care. Whether scheduling appointments, accessing medical records, just confidently navigate the app.

Effortless Appointment Scheduling

Booking your health journey is just a click away. View consultation timings and effortlessly book appointments for clinic or online consultations, all without the need for phone calls. Automated alerts keep you in the loop about your appointment requests.

Personal Health Records Management

Booking your health journey has never been easier! With just a click, you can view consultation timings and effortlessly book appointments for clinic or online consultations, all without the need for phone calls. Stay informed and organized with automated alerts that keep you in the loop about your appointment requests. Say goodbye to the hassle of phone tag and hello to the convenience of managing your healthcare appointments with ease.

Text Consultations

Accessing health information has never been more convenient! With our platform, you can pose health questions, make consultation payments, and view responses all from your smartphone. This unparalleled convenience puts the power to make informed health decisions directly in your hands. Say No more waiting rooms but hassle-free access to professional advice and support whenever and wherever you need it.

Telehealth and Video Consultations

Stay connected with healthcare professionals seamlessly through telemedicine sessions on the TalktoTreat app. From booking appointments to making payments and conducting video consultations, it's all conveniently accessible in the palm of your hand. Experience hassle-free follow-ups and consultations, with detailed summaries provided after each session to keep you informed and engaged in your healthcare journey.

Remote Monitoring and Health Trackers

For subscribed patients to online Remote Monitoring care plans, staying updated on health trackers and sharing values with your practice is effortless through the TalktoTreat mobile app. Keep track of your progress on health plans seamlessly on your mobile device. With just a few taps, you can monitor your health indicators and share information with your healthcare provider.

Connected Healthcare with TalktoTreat

Stay connected with cutting-edge technology by integrating your health data with our health app. Safely share data from wearable devices and other health apps with your Virtual Practice, ensuring that your healthcare provider has access to comprehensive information about your health and well-being. This enables more personalized and effective care.

Mobile Notifications and Alerts

Stay informed and organized with notifications about events, new services, or relevant announcements from your Virtual Practice delivered straight to your mobile app. With timely automated reminders about upcoming appointments, you'll never miss a beat. Whether it's an important event, a new service offering, or a gentle nudge about an upcoming appointment, our app keeps you connected and on track.

Mobile Payments

Enjoy financial convenience at your fingertips with the TalktoTreat app. Make payments for telemedicine sessions, text consultations, or subscriptions to care plans directly through the app. Whether you're scheduling a telemedicine session or renewing your care plan subscription, our app makes it easy to manage your healthcare expenses securely and efficiently.


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